We know healthy rhythms for life are key to wellbeing.

Research and practice have shown that

  • working for more than 4 hours a day at a desk or videoconferencing harms productivity
  • 16 hour breaks in eating enables the body to regenerate and repair itself
  • content driven meditation improves mental health
  • your brain is solving problems even when you sleep, nap, exercise, and socialise
  • seeing friends and being in relationship is essential for wellbeing
  • working 4 days a week is more productive than 5 or more days
  • having short breaks every 3 weeks leads to greater happiness than big long vacations

Yet knowing all this does not mean we do anything about it. Use the hodl app to explore the menu of options available in different categories from food, exercise, social, mental, and other and start or join a group or routine activity solo. With this platform you will can share your experiences, feedback, and tips as well as signpost to further resources and activities, and add activities you would like to try out in to your Profile. In addition, by joining or creating your own local hold group, you can start the journey today, by building an accountability group to hold you to new practices that you can programme into your rhythm of life on your own, with groups, and with third party help.