Running up stairs

Instead of walking slowly up the stairs, running up them at home or at the office can boost heart rate

Prayer Push-Ups

A flowing version of push-ups on knees which incorporate a perpetual flowing movement between push-up and a kind of prayer posture (similar to ‘child pose’…

Endurance Lifting

A standing, stationary, proud posture whilst performing a cycle of lifting (of weights of any size according to fitness/strength/desired intensity) in pre-defined patterns of lifting…

Shopping and exercising

A run or bike ride to the bank ATM or the local shops can turn a mundane activity into part of your regular physical and…


Regular exercise can help clear toxins, get the brain working differently, and clear the mind

Decorating/doing repairs

Exercising whilst carrying materials and doing DIY can be part of a physical health programme, whether for yourself or for neighbours and those who need…

Practice basic squats

Strengthen your core body strength using squats, to reduce back pain and increase stamina and general health and alertness