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Modern life can be stressful, lonely, and alienating. Hodl helps us all build healthier rhythms for life, together. Join us to reclaim the time, money, and focus that the modern world is stealing from us, so you can pursue what matters most in your life 

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About Hodl

Use the hodl app to explore the menu of options available in different categories from food, exercise, sleep, time savers, money savers, and many more. Start or join a group or routine activity on your own or with a coach. With this platform you will can share your experiences, feedback, and tips as well as get signposted to further resources and activities, and even add your own activities you would like to try out. By joining or creating your own local hodl, you can start the journey today, building an accountability group to encourage you to adopt new habits, find a coach, and celebrate your progress!

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Improved wellbeing

Like picking a piece of equipment in a gym, choose from menus of peer-led activities online and offline in different locations to improve and simplify life – fitness; nutrition; mental health; community; and sleep.


You can try out free or paid activities from our Library, either by yourself, or create or join a group. Join a Happy Hour or Wellbeing workshop to get a taste of what Hodl can do and meet new people.

Save time and money

Learn tips on how to make the most of the precious time you have, and reduce the cost of living.

Earn as you learn

Become a coach over time as you master the techniques in specific areas and add your own content.


Key research

According to our experts and coaches:

  • working for more than 4 hours a day at a desk or videoconferencing harms productivity
  • 16 hour breaks in eating enables the body to regenerate and repair itself
  • meditation improves mental health and focus, reducing stress
  • your brain is solving problems even when you sleep, nap, exercise, and socialise 
  • being in relationship is essential for wellbeing 
  • working 4 days a week can be more productive than 5  
  • having short breaks every 3 weeks leads to greater happiness than big long vacations
  • many more insights available from our platform and paid coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hodl is like the equivalent of Spotify for life hacks. Members can add their own playlists, connect with others working on similar rhythms, and even become contributors and coaches and earn a living.

You can choose from a range of goals to build greater capacity in your life for what matters most. Rhythms in the hodl library have been curated to help you save time, money, and attention, and get greater rest, eat better, sleep better, and be more focussed. Using our get started guides you can quickly start your journey, and also figure out what your purpose should be so you can use the new capacity created in your life to pivot towards a more purpose-filled lifestyle.

During this initial beta phase the hodl app is free, but in due course expert and in depth content will become subscription only. Our algorithm will allow those who contribute the most through reviews, by adding their own Rhythms, and running coaching sessions, to earn a proportion of subscription funds. Those who sign up as coaches can also use hodl to charge fees to paying members looking to go deeper, paying hodl a commission in the process.